Authentic Vietnamese Cusine


Authentic Vietnamese Receipts Since 1997

PHO CALI VIETNAMESE CUISINE brings to you traditional Vietnamese cuisine to your neighborhood. Delicious and healthy recipes made with exotic ingredients are served with refreshing smoothies and teas. Affordable prices and great service make our customers visit us again and again.

PHO Slow-Cooked Signature Soup

Come in and try our signature bowl of Pho soup. This special soup is made by slow cooking beef for more than 8 hours to develop a full flavor of the broth. Traditionally served with fresh rice noodles, thinly sliced beef, and a plate of vegetables and herbs, our cuisine provides the perfect balance of proteins, vegetables, and starch.

Tasty Vietnamese Cuisine & Beverage

Cooked with fresh vegetables, meat and exotic spices, Vietnamese dishes are low in fat. All the dietary requirements are covered due to a diversity of ingredients used. Our ingredients are freshly prepared to be used during cooking. Processed foods are not used in Vietnamese cuisine, making the food naturally healthy. We serve a wide variety of traditional dishes. There are various varieties of noodle soups which are served with choice of noodles. The dry noodle meals are served with choice of meat and come with a soup on the side. The rice dishes are served with meat and exotic vegetables. There is also the option of ordering a side dish with the rice meal. Dried rice vermicelli bowls are served with different types of meat and vegetables, which add to the pleasant flavors of the meal. Your meal will remain incomplete without one of our tasty beverages. Our menu has a large selection of beverages, which you can choose to accompany your meal. Beverages include fresh fruit smoothies, boba tea, Vietnamese coffee, and Thai Iced Tea. Our special appetizers include spring rolls and Vietnamese Summer Rolls, and should not be missed.

Inviting Restaurant Atmosphere

We offer an authentic Vietnamese dining experience that we appreciate, in the hopes that customers will enjoy it in the same way. Come discover the Art of Vietnamese food!